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Part of the Designer Residency Program of Helsinki Fashion Week 2020


The video is an open accusation towards the majority of our politicians and companies which over and over again favour profit over human well-being and environmental preservation, even if the effects of global warming are literally knocking at their door, becoming more and more devastating.
In the satirical collage/print on the bodysuit Mirren mixed some terrible photos of wildfires, floods and melting poles taken from newspapers with embarrassing statements (and broken faces) of world leaders denying the existence of global warming. The rest of the outfit is made out of discarded emergency or industrial material, in such a scenario "fashion" is definitely not something to worry about.
The dark music composed by Morgan and the disastrous scenes animated by Travis are purposefully thought to make the audience uncomfortable and possibly being a reminder that action is needed.


Video creation by Travis Ragsdale

Sound Design by Morgan Heenan

Collage Art by Mirren Strahan

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