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XR exhibition at MARS Gallery as part of Melbourne Fashion Festival, Marrch 2021

OBSIDIAN. A minor planet. Noir.

A virtual world inhabited by the I.N.A, an avatar, homage to Octavia Butler’s protagonist in Fledgeling.

The site-specific installation at MARS Gallery will allow visitors to embody OBSIDIAN by taking its avatar shape to visit the world in an Oculus VR headset in realtime. The I.N.A’s fashion performances are installations that can be navigated in 3D in the exoplanet’s procedurally generated geography.

The I.N.A performs in an Alexander McQueen dress, digital skin and the Mutari Corpora 3D printed fashion artefact range. AR triggers are also installed within the gallery, allowing visitors to view and record the I.N.A as 3D fashion sculpture on their mobile devices.

OBSIDIAN as an experimental digital fashion XR project launches at MARS Gallery, but will be available online as an ongoing evolving social VR world.

A concept by Nirma / Studio Anatomy
3D Fashion by ponz

Jewels by Kiara Gounder
Environment and Unity dev by bckface

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